By Frederick J. Sitzberger, CPA, CVA

In business, many people talk about the problems: Competition, employees, pricing, millennials, etc., etc. All of these problems are easy to solve by loving it. Leadership is the act of problem solving, quickly and efficiently. Love the problems.

Anything you love, you enjoy, you grow it, you fix it, and it allows you to address problems in a positive climate.

After I started my business, I talked to many practitioners on how to grow, and they all said growing was possible, but managing people was a problem. I decided to love it, love managing people. Upon loving managing people, I realized few wanted what I wanted, few enjoyed what I enjoyed: their expectations are all carved out by their own life experiences. Everyone’s need is to afford the life they want. I realized that I could provide that atmosphere.

I began to create an environment for those who are passionate about self-improvement, defer gratification, and enjoy being part of a growing environment. I tell everyone: “If I do my job right, you’ll be able to start your own firm. You learn the technical, supervisory, and marketing skills. However, if I do it right, you’ll choose to stay with us. Always work for yourself, improving you. Never hold back and you’ll be free of the slavery of work.”

We do this by “failing our way to the top.” Challenge people beyond their comfort zone with the awareness of a safety net below. This is done by providing support when needed and not over managing or punishing failure. People want to grow and will take the challenge. Always reward for success, be silent in failure. Never keep a record of wrongs.

Love to dream.

Set high goals, tell the world and get to work. We want to grow 20% a year. Our goal is to be $15,000,000 by 2019. Since this is our goal, each day we are constantly improving our process, meeting new people and sharing where we are going, then asking for the order. When your goal is greater than what others think of you, fear is eliminated. Great things are done by regular people who realized their limitations came from within themselves. Work for yourself, not for the approval of others as when you need it, it is never given.

Love to work.

There is nothing wrong with working hard to grow, be better, more competitive. Working to serve others is rewarded by money. Money comes and goes. I want to make as much money as I am able to honestly earn and then give it away. The joy of money is earning it but there is little joy in having it.

Love the responsibilities.

I have had to let many people find their success at other firms. My responsibility is to provide better than average living for the families of our employees. If someone doesn’t work out here, I avoid the “file filling” with the character assassinations. We try to let people move on without a lot of rumors. Quick and forgiving.

Love to compare yourself with the more successful competition.

If you compare yourself to your peers, then find your position in the group, you are setting yourself and the company up for mediocrity.

Love to be debt free.

Debt is bad, more debt is worse. Being debt free allows you to take advantage of crisis in the market place. The ability to come up with cash has a lot of respect in the market place. It gets things done quickly and fast is profitable.

Overall, we are paid to solve problems, love them, consider them normal, and you’ll enjoy the small amount of time we spend on this ball of mud fulfilled.