Tax Consulting / Compliance

For every action there is a consequence. In the business world, there is a tax consequence for virtually everything your business does ­or doesn’t do. Sitzberger & Company specializes in personal advisement to help your business make decisions as they relate to the complex world of taxes.

Not every company is large enough to have its own tax and compliance department, and that’s why we’re here. When you contact a Sitzberger & Company representative, you’ll have personal involvement and commitment. Tax consulting and compliance services include:

  • Tax planning
  • Tax return preparation & review
  • Form of business entity selection
  • Real estate planning
  • Retirement/ pension planning
  • Annual compliance reporting for retirement plans
  • Merger and acquisition planning
Tax Consulting Compliance

Sitzberger & Company is here to personally guide you through the tax reporting process and navigate intimidating tax codes

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