The accounting profession is changing rapidly. I use to wonder how we could ever compete against the larger firms who offer so much more than we do such as computer consulting, human resources, executive search, etc. We compete quite well.

My thoughts always come back to the core business concept. My clients are very successful. They do get bored with their business and look for other thrills. It is fun to be a winner in your own business but sometimes they see some perceived easy money in other areas. They say it is a “no brainer”.

“No brainers” usually cost them $50,000 to $200,000 of cash money to learn the core business concept. The reason they are successful in their business is they spend the appropriate amount of “time” not money in it.

This firm will grow to have all the other services over time but will add the other parts when the business has the time to do it correctly. We will need the capital, personnel and time before we proceed. In addition, it will be a natural addition to the core services our clients need. Most successful businesses stick to their core of success and add additional products and services when able to do it correctly.