Frederick J. Sitzberger

It is an uncomfortable situation when we, as business owners, have to let someone go.

I have been let go a few times, once for economic and once for personality. Looking back, these were some of my best experiences and they can be for the person if done right.

Usually, everyone knows changes are going to be made. We sometimes put it off by anticipating that people will make positive changes to help the situation. This may not be the case, as sometimes people need an “eye-opener.”

We have a base premise here at the firm that everyone will be a success. Sometimes, though, it may not be here. With this premise, it allows us to avoid destroying people to prove we are right and they are failures. No one is a failure. Their success is in the future after they make changes.

This is our premise because it limits management time spent destroying when it should be spent building.  Provided the right changes are made, their future can still be successful.

If changes are not made, the “eye-opener” will occur. This gives them the opportunity to become a success someplace else.